Richard Peterson on The Californian Bungalow

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Maitland Room, The Cottage, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Richard Peterson is an architect with over 40 years’ experience and a particular interest in conservation architecture. Richard was awarded the first Sir Daryl Lindsay scholarship to study architectural conservation at ICCROM in Rome.  He has completed nine municipal heritage studies, and was heritage advisor at the City of Melbourne, East Gippsland, Manningham, Marroondah and the former City of Heidelberg. As an activist volunteer, he held various positions at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) including 21 years on the Trust’s Board. He has also taught at RMIT University and elsewhere for 25 years.

As an architectural style, the Californian bungalow was popular in Australia from 1913 onwards, coinciding with the beginnings of increased American influence in many aspects of Australian culture. The timber versions were seen as low cost solutions to overcoming the housing shortage after the First World War, although there were many red brick versions built around Melbourne.

Richard will speak about the history of the Californian bungalow, with particular reference to examples from across Boroondara.

Supper follows the speaker. $4.50 Inquiries to Sue Barnett – 0417 368990.

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