Andrew Frost: The 1883 election in Boroondara

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Maitland Room, The Cottage, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Surrey Hills Historical Society meeting

Andrew Frost – The 1883 election in Boroondara

The 1883 election in Victoria was a watershed event in Victoria’s political history. From it emerged a coalition government of liberals and conservatives, and thus a more stable policy setting for the Colony. Ironically, given this context, it was a rather low energy campaign.

In this talk the following questions are examined: What was the context for the election? How did the campaign play out in Boroondara? Who were the candidates? What were their policies? What campaign strategies were used by the candidates?   What was the result of the election in Boroondara?

Parking is available in the adjacent railway station carpark. Supper is held following the speaker’s presentation. The contribution is $4.50.


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