Items of Interest

Items of Interest from the RHSV image collection with supporting research undertaken by our honorary research officers …

First Balloon Ascent in the Australian Colonies  Australian Commonwealth Certificate
The Papers of
Major Herbert Burrowes

Postcard of Princess Theatre

macartneyThe Diaries of Jane Macartney london-hotelPersonal Reminiscences of John Waugh
London Hotel
RHSV-BL002-0030-RoeszlerG.C. Roezler & Son
RHSV-Lady with MacRobertson HatMacRobertson Confectionery package art, 5lb container : lady in black hat with MacRobertson confectionery box [RHSV Collection]

RHSV_PH-970019_smallDEC15Harrington’s Buildings (central and eastern sections) and adjacent two storey building, Collins Street, north-side, between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, c. 1920 [RHSV Collection : PH-970019]

RHSV_PH-970399_Wirth's-ParkElephant with male attendant standing on low-loader outside Wirth’s Park (situated between Sloss and Sturt Streets, South Melbourne), c. 1946-1947. Commercial Photographic Co., photographer [RHSV Collection : PH-970399]

April 2015Oriental Tea Company, 144-146 Little Flinders Street West, Melbourne, c. 1886 : composite of drawings showing façade of main building, blending room, packing room, boxing room and unpacking room; reproduced from The Jubilee History of Victoria and Melbourne (TWH Leavitt, editor with W.D Lilburn, historian; Duffus Bros; printers; 1888), Vol I, Part III, after p. 12 [RHSV Collection : BK009-0021]

RHSV_I-087_Female-ConfectioFemale Confectioners’ Union, Victorian Branch: Eight Hour Day Float (Eight Hour Day Procession, Melbourne), c. 1925. Photographer unknown [RHSV Collection: I-087]

RHSV-PC-0713 Sorrento tram Feb 2015Steam tram near its terminus at Back Beach, Sorrento; also showing an open horse drawn carriage; sometime between 1890-1918 [RHSV Collection : PC-0713]

RHSV_Myrtlebank_Composite_FINALAdvertisements for Myrtlebank Guest House, Grampians (Hall’s Gap) from Where to Go in Victoria, 1948 and Where to Go in Victoria, 1958-59 (both published by The Victorian Railways), p379 and p345 respectively: [RHSV Collection – BL138-0401 and BL139-0315]

RHSV-PH-120117_TSMV DuntroonTSMV Duntroon, Postcard. [RHSV Collection : PH-120117]
RHSV-BL141_War Relief Fund-CollageHow We Raised the First Hundred Thousand Melbourne, Lothian Book Publishing, 1917. [RHSV Collection – BL141]

PH-020573_Fire at RichmondFire at 285 Lennox Street, Richmond: four men in the burnt out printery of A. Asher & Co., 2 January 1914 [RHSV Collection : PH-020573]

RHSV_Rupertswood_GS-WG-0166Rupertswood, 3 Macedon Street, Sunbury, c.1890 RHSV Collection : GS-WG-0166

Verona bicycleMalvern Star delivery tricycle with box attached in front of handlebars bearing sign Verona Press Pty Ltd, c. 1935 – Lyle Fowler (1891-1969), photographer [RHSV Collection : PH-970400]

13_11_Great Ocean Rd_RHSV_PH-990702Great Ocean Road memorial Toll Gate, c.1930 (The Rose Stereograph Company. [RHSV Collection – PH-990702]

13_10_RHSV_S-388_Intercolonial cricketCricket Lovely Cricket.
13_09_Football_at Cricket Ground_NEG-225_PHN-00225_RHSVAustralian Rules

13_08_Horses_RHSV_BL122-0030Farming, Dookie College

13_07_aero_club_compositeRight Royal into the skies

First Exhibition of Women’s Work, 23 October – 20 November 1907

13_05_Kenney's baths St Kilda_Kenney’s Gentlemen’s Bathing Ship, St Kilda

13_04_The Dome_BL022-0006“Not a Flat Thing” – Melbourne’s Parliament House and its Intended Dome

13_03_Melbourne_Federal_Capital_PC-0341 Parliament House and Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, c. 1900: once Federal and State Houses of Parliament

13_02_Country School_PH-120047“A Typical Victorian Country School” – children tending the garden, c. 1908
RHSV_MWC_Walkers with PacksBushwalkers with packs, c. 1920

12-11_BJ005-0024_Kamesburgh 2Kamesburgh‘, later ‘Anzac Hostel’, 78 North Road, Brighton

12-10_AL59-0029_Bendigo Rail
First Train Arrives at Bendigo (Sandhurst)

Robert Williams Pohlman