Items of Interest

Items of Interest from the RHSV manuscripts and images collections with supporting research undertaken by our honorary researchers …

William Benjamin Spargo


Ferdinand von Mueller

Social history of the table
Murray Ross – Bad Company? What could have been – William Lucas, architectural competitions and landmarks
The Last Cable Tram of Melbourne Scrapbooks of Colin Ferguson Macdonald

First Balloon Ascent in the Australian Colonies

 Australian Commonwealth Certificate
The Papers of
Major Herbert Burrowes

Postcard of Princess Theatre

macartneyThe Diaries of Jane Macartney london-hotelPersonal Reminiscences of John Waugh
London Hotel
RHSV-BL002-0030-RoeszlerG.C. Roezler & Son
RHSV-Lady with MacRobertson HatMacRobertson Confectionery package art, 5lb container : lady in black hat with MacRobertson confectionery box [RHSV Collection]

RHSV_PH-970019_smallDEC15Harrington’s Buildings (central and eastern sections) and adjacent two storey building, Collins Street, north-side, between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, c. 1920 [RHSV Collection : PH-970019]

RHSV_PH-970399_Wirth's-ParkElephant with male attendant standing on low-loader outside Wirth’s Park (situated between Sloss and Sturt Streets, South Melbourne), c. 1946-1947. Commercial Photographic Co., photographer [RHSV Collection : PH-970399]

April 2015Oriental Tea Company, 144-146 Little Flinders Street West, Melbourne, c. 1886 : composite of drawings showing façade of main building, blending room, packing room, boxing room and unpacking room; reproduced from The Jubilee History of Victoria and Melbourne (TWH Leavitt, editor with W.D Lilburn, historian; Duffus Bros; printers; 1888), Vol I, Part III, after p. 12 [RHSV Collection : BK009-0021]

RHSV_I-087_Female-ConfectioFemale Confectioners’ Union, Victorian Branch: Eight Hour Day Float (Eight Hour Day Procession, Melbourne), c. 1925. Photographer unknown [RHSV Collection: I-087]

RHSV-PC-0713 Sorrento tram Feb 2015Steam tram near its terminus at Back Beach, Sorrento; also showing an open horse drawn carriage; sometime between 1890-1918 [RHSV Collection : PC-0713]

RHSV_Myrtlebank_Composite_FINALAdvertisements for Myrtlebank Guest House, Grampians (Hall’s Gap) from Where to Go in Victoria, 1948 and Where to Go in Victoria, 1958-59 (both published by The Victorian Railways), p379 and p345 respectively: [RHSV Collection – BL138-0401 and BL139-0315]

RHSV-PH-120117_TSMV DuntroonTSMV Duntroon, Postcard. [RHSV Collection : PH-120117]
RHSV-BL141_War Relief Fund-CollageHow We Raised the First Hundred Thousand Melbourne, Lothian Book Publishing, 1917. [RHSV Collection – BL141]

PH-020573_Fire at RichmondFire at 285 Lennox Street, Richmond: four men in the burnt out printery of A. Asher & Co., 2 January 1914 [RHSV Collection : PH-020573]

RHSV_Rupertswood_GS-WG-0166Rupertswood, 3 Macedon Street, Sunbury, c.1890 RHSV Collection : GS-WG-0166

Verona bicycleMalvern Star delivery tricycle with box attached in front of handlebars bearing sign Verona Press Pty Ltd, c. 1935 – Lyle Fowler (1891-1969), photographer [RHSV Collection : PH-970400]

13_11_Great Ocean Rd_RHSV_PH-990702Great Ocean Road memorial Toll Gate, c.1930 (The Rose Stereograph Company. [RHSV Collection – PH-990702]

13_10_RHSV_S-388_Intercolonial cricketCricket Lovely Cricket.
13_09_Football_at Cricket Ground_NEG-225_PHN-00225_RHSVAustralian Rules

13_08_Horses_RHSV_BL122-0030Farming, Dookie College

13_07_aero_club_compositeRight Royal into the skies

First Exhibition of Women’s Work, 23 October – 20 November 1907

13_05_Kenney's baths St Kilda_Kenney’s Gentlemen’s Bathing Ship, St Kilda

13_04_The Dome_BL022-0006“Not a Flat Thing” – Melbourne’s Parliament House and its Intended Dome

13_03_Melbourne_Federal_Capital_PC-0341 Parliament House and Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, c. 1900: once Federal and State Houses of Parliament

13_02_Country School_PH-120047“A Typical Victorian Country School” – children tending the garden, c. 1908
RHSV_MWC_Walkers with PacksBushwalkers with packs, c. 1920

12-11_BJ005-0024_Kamesburgh 2Kamesburgh‘, later ‘Anzac Hostel’, 78 North Road, Brighton

12-10_AL59-0029_Bendigo Rail
First Train Arrives at Bendigo (Sandhurst)

Robert Williams Pohlman