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    I have been exercising my mind about Historical Society blogs. Where are they these days? Inside History (a Sydney-based Magazine) recently published a list of “50 blogs you need to read”, and the main contributor has continued the discussion on her blog:


    The list is at http://www.insidehistory.com.au/2013/07/50-genealogy-blogs-you-need-to-read/

    At one point, the compiler states “I am especially interested in blogs from genealogy and historical societies where there is a dearth of good blogs.” Although she does include one of her own blogs, from a historical society. The Carnamah one, mentioned in an earlier post from me, is not included.

    I reckon there are plenty of good Historical Society blogs out there – especially from Casey-Cardinia, and from Liz Pidgeon – can someone remind me of the URLs.

    My two are:

    http://maffrahs.blogspot.com.au/ for Maffra, and

    http://stratfordhs.blogspot.com.au/ for Stratford. Not that I am saying they should have been on the list, mind.

    Lenore’s “The Empire Called” did make the list (congratulations!) as did one from Moonee Valley Library. But there must be more out there. Can anyone give us some URLs.

    Anyone got any that they follow? Including from interstate?



    Hi Linda

    Enjoyed looking at your Gippsland blogs and the work of your society/ies


    I have recently started a blog for the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society. Its a bit random but here you go




    Lenore Frost

    Hi All,

    Don’t forget RHSV News     http://rhsvnews.blogspot.com.au/

    Another few of which I am aware are:

    Edenhope History                 http://edenhopehistory.wordpress.com/
    Yackandandah Museum     http://yackandandahmuseum.wordpress.com/
    Collingwood Historical       http://collingwoodhs.blogspot.com.au/


    Best wishes,




    Lenore Frost

    And I found another one:


    I have added these historical society blogs to a Blog List on the RHSV Newsblog.  I’d be pleased to hear of any others.

    Best wishes,





    Here’s another – not sure if fits as an “official” blog – it is a personal blog from Heather, president of the Koo-Wee-Rup Swamp Society, about Koo-Wee-Rup.




    Those interested in blogging for historical societies may like to look at The Busy Archivist’s Blogging Tool Kit which was developed last year specifically for small archives and historical societies.

    The took kit can be viewed online at http://www.carnamah.com.au/blogging-toolkit with background info available on the Carnamah Historical Society’s blog at http://carnamah.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/busy-archivists-tool-kit.html


    Thanks for this discussion.

    This is an area I’ve started to think about too. Couple of questions. Are the contents of a historical society blog searchable by e.g. A Google key word search? If yes, is this the intended audience for a historical society blog?




    Blogs are indexed by Google and other search engines, usually quite quickly, so their contents will show up in Google searches. Traffic from search engines like Google would be one intended audience but others could be from promoting the blog generally in newsletters, at your premises or through promoting specific blog posts through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Another easy way is to promote it with a short few words and a link on your e-mail signature.

    The larger volumes of traffic to the Carnamah Historical Society’s blog come from Facebook, Twitter and our website.


    Thanks for your response

    I had already discovered the Carnamah one as part of my blog researching! I had to do some Google searching to find exactly where you were!  It caught my eye with the small photos across the top. I liked the way the text gives an easy to read overview and then your eye is ‘lead’ down the page. Haven’t developed the links to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ yet….one day with a lot more time!

    I like the idea of a link to the signature.

    We’re in the process of updating our website at the moment, once that’s finished I’ll think about the next step with blogs. Jane







    The Greensborough Historical Society blog is basically their website, and is an excellent one.

    Others include: Nillumbik Historical Society (Diamond Creek) 

    Maffra and District

    Stratford Historical Society and Museum

    Rye Historical Society

    Leongatha and District 

    Unlock the Past maintain a register of Australian genealogy and history blogs

    Some public libraries are also maintaining local history blogs

    Casey – Cardinia

    Moonee Valley Local History

    Yarra Plenty Local History

    and some independent ones of interest:

    Fading Victoria 

    Susie Zada’s Geelong and District 

    Resident Judge of Port Phillip (the author is an active member of an historical society)

    Carol’s headstone photographs

    Hope that these may be of interest,

    Regards Liz



    I would be interested how many local history groups maintain Facebook pages too?

    Friends of Cheltenham and Cemeteries Inc have an active page


    Regards Liz



    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for those – a couple I did not know.

    Stratford Museum (operated by historical society) has a facebook page, but does not use it a lot. Mainly I repost blog posts to it, to keep it alive. Its main use is to give a distinct identity when posting to the facebook pages of local radio station and newspaper.

    It was started by someone who came to the society, thought it was a good idea, started it adn has moved on. I inherited it, and doubt I would start one if that had not happened.

    You may find a few more by looking at Likes on the RHSV fb page.




    Thanks for sending through these stimulating ideas!

    The biggest factor influencing all these types of projects is just how much time you can commit!



    Thanks Ruth.  You have made me wonder if there should be a state or nation wide central listing where local history blogs could be registered in the same vein as Geneabloggers for genealogy where people can list their genealogy blogs http://geneabloggers.com/

    Perhaps this is something RHSV could consider hosting on their website?  Or the Federation of Australian Historical Societies


    There is Cora Nums links but that does not include many blogs http://www.coraweb.com.au/local.htm?



    Thanks to everyone who continues to send through ideas relating to blogs.

    They really show the importance of using good clear graphics. the clarity of some of the photos is amazing. Also good to see how well small newspaper articles and sections of maps appear.


    Malvern H S

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