Guide to Searching
the RHSV Catalogue and Victorian Local History Database

There are several ways of searching the databases.

Broad searches

The BROAD SEARCH box allows a search of all indexed fields in the database.
Type a term in the BROAD SEARCH box
For example: Bushrangers
Then use the SEARCH button to start the search.

Names can also be typed in the BROAD SEARCH box
For example: John Batman or Flinders Lane.

Advanced searching

The databases provide options for narrowing or refining searches.

The Boolean operators & for AND, / for OR, ! for NOT can be used to combine words within a field.

For example
Searches can also be made by selecting terms from the SUBJECTS or ITEM CREATOR boxes.
The SUBJECTS or ITEM CREATOR box can be searched by
typing a term in the field box
selecting a term using the BROWSE LIST on the right of the field box.

Browse list

BROWSE LIST allows the viewing of indexed terms in the database.
(Please note: not all browsers support BROWSE LISTS)

The BROWSE LIST button opens the WORD BROWSE LIST.
As several fields are included in the BROWSE LIST box it may be necessary to select the required field from the Field list box in the bottom right hand corner of the BROWSE LIST box.

To locate a term in the BROWSE LIST box type the beginning of a term in the Find box and use the Go To button.
Select the required term and use the Paste button to insert the term in the field box on the Search Screen.
More than one term may be selected in a search.

Currently not all records in the HistoryVictoria Database have entries in SUBJECTS and ITEM CREATOR fields. However searching in these field boxes may help narrow the search.
Searching indexing terms for manuscripts can be made using the Subjects field in the SUBJECTS box.

Other Boolean search options

The Boolean buttons on the left of the field boxes can be used to combine fields in a search.
Selecting a term from ITEM TYPE box can narrow a search
For example: Type Trams in the BROAD SEARCH box and select Photograph from the ITEM TYPE box to locate records of photograhs of Trams.

Terms can be truncated to search for variations of spelling or for plurals.
To find all words that start with part of a term use *
For example societ* will find words Society and Societies.

The SEARCH button is used to start search.

Click the RESET button to clear the search screen to enter the criteria for a new search.

The HELP button on the Search Screen provides detailed information about searching the database.

Viewing records

A report form provides the title and item type of records located in a search. Select a hyperlinked title for futher information about the record. Next and Previous record buttons allow moving to display forms for other items. Use the Return to Search Screen link when ready to undertake another search.

Links to databases

Log on to the RHSV Catalogue
(This link will open the page in a new browser window.)

Log on to the Victorian Local History Database
(This link will open the page in a new browser window.)