History Week Banner Grant

About the Banner Grant ProgramBanner grant 2015 image

The History Week Banner Grant program is an intiative of the RHSV since 2009, where affiliated historical and heritage groups are invited to apply for a designed banner to promote and publicise the theme and services of their historical society. The Roll-Up is a lightweight banner display with a built-in spring roller mechanism to protect the graphic when not in use. It is free-standing, easy to carry, and provides an instant presentation. To meet the conditions required for funding, your history or heritage group must be:

  • incorporated
  • affiliated with the RHSV
  • able to show that you will use the banner to promote your society and the aims of History Week
  • able to show that you are planning to use History Week 2016 banner grant to promote History Week objectives  (e.g., an open day, an information stall, a display either at your own society or local library or school).

To find out more and to apply see the History Week Banner Grant 2016 Application Form (pdf).