History Week : Printing of Publicity Brochure Grant

To celebrate History Week 2018, the RHSV invites historical societies and heritage groups to apply for a grant of up to $350 to support the printing of a colour brochure.

This funding initiative is to encourage our member societies to engage in History Week by developing an event/s to be part of the History Week program.

Suggestions for events include:

  • Open days and/or demonstrations, fetes, stalls
  • Talks to students at schools about local history
  • Exhibitions/displays
  • Lectures/debates
  • Information booths in the main street
  • A collaboration with a school or local library
  • Re-enactments or local guided tours.
  • A blog / recipe book of old recipes
  • A combined get-together with a nearby historical society
  • Where ever your imagination takes you …

To find out more and to apply download the 2018 Colour Brochure Grant Application (pdf).

This program is generously sponsored by: