History Week Colour Brochure Grant

To celebrate History Week 2017, the RHSV invites affiliated historical societies and heritage groups to apply for a grant of up to $350 to support the PRINTING of a colour brochure.

To meet the conditions required for funding, your history or heritage group must be:

  • incorporated
  • affiliated with the RHSV
  • able to show that you will use the brochures to promote your society and the aims of History Week
  • able to show that you are planning to use History Week 2017 to promote History Week objectives (e.g. an open day, an information stall, a display either at
    your own society or local library or school, an article in your local newspaper, a session with students at your local school, a speaker on a local history topic,
    a visit to another historical society, etc.)

To find out more and to apply see the 2017 Colour Brochure Grant Application (pdf).