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Grant Applications Open – 1 March 2017 : Holsworth Local Heritage Trust
ON NOW until 30 December 2017 : Exhibition : Standing on the Corner
19 August 2017 : History Victoria Support Group seminar
30 August 2017 : Melbourne Day


Melbourne Day

Wed 30 August 2017, refreshments 12.30 pm, lecture 1-2 pm
Venue: 239 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne
Cost: Members free,  non-members $10
Speaker:Emeritus Professor Richard Broome FAHA FRHSV

The Making of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ 1835-1890, the Making of Remembering Melbourne 2015-2016

This lecture will trace the development of Melbourne from an Aboriginal place to the colonial hub, in succession, of a sheepwalk, a golden eld of wealth, and an urbane modern metropolis. It will focus in particular on the latter European phase, asking why and how did Melbourne grow so ‘marvellous’. This will to an extent explain the despair the city fell into during the 1890s. The second half of the lecture will explain how the RHSV’s book was initiated, created, devised, produced and sold out.

If ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ was the product of a particularly rampant individualism based very much on money-making through property, the creation of Remembering Melbourne was the outcome of a rampant communalism and the spirit of volunteering. If avarice created a city, altruism has recorded it.

Richard Broome taught Indigenous and Australian history at La Trobe University for over thirty years. He is an RHSV councillor and patron of the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria. Richard is the author of dozens of articles and twelve books including Aboriginal Australians. A History since 1788 (2010) in four editions and the award winning Aboriginal Victorians. A History since 1800 (2005). He has edited (with others), Remembering Melbourne 1850-1960 (2016), and the journals Australian Historical Studies and the Victorian Historical Journal. His latest book is with Visier Sanyü, Naga Odyssey (September 2017). His next book (with three others) is Mallee Country. Land, People, History (forthcoming).