HVSG Resources

The History Victoria Support Group provides seminars of interest and practical assistance. The Society provides audio and pdf resources of some of these lectures as they were originally presented.

Aboriginal Collection Items
Collection Care and Preservation
Collection Description and Management
Digitisation & Digital Collections
Disaster Management
Organisation Governance and Policy
Information Technology and Social Media
Volunteer Management
Additional HVSG Seminar podcast recordings

Aboriginal collection items

Information for Victorian museums with Aboriginal collection items Museums Australia (Victoria)

Resources for Victorian museums with Aboriginal collection items Museums Australia (Victoria)

Dr Mark Eccleston (Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria)
Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical societies  (mp3, 41 mins, 38 MB) (13/05/2017 at Kilmore HS)



Access (Museums & Galleries NSW)

Improving access to heritage buildings (Australian Heritage Council)


Collection care and preservation

Preserving Australia’s documentary heritage : a starter kit for community groups (National Library of Australia)

Small museums cataloguing manual (Museums Australia (Victoria))

Conservation guides (State Library of Victoria)

Developing a conservation plan (Museums Australia (Victoria))


Collection description and management

Cataloguing (Museums & Galleries of NSW)



Galleries & museums : introduction to copyright (Australian Copyright Council)

Libraries : introduction to copyright (Australian Copyright Council)

Find an answer (Australian Copyright Council)

Janice van de Velde (Copyright Working Group, National & State Libraries Australasia)
An overview of copyright and how it impacts on the activities of collecting institutions, irrespective of their size  (mp3, MB) (25/06/2016 at Nepean HS)


Digitisation & Digital Collections

Digitisation toolkit (GLAM Peak)

Creating and keeping your digital treasures – a user guide (State Library of Western Australia)

Sue Thompson (President, Lilydale and Historical Society)
The importance of digitising your collection (mp3, 32 mins, 29 MB) (13/05/2017 at Kilmore HS)


Disaster Management

Be prepared : guidelines for small museums for writing a disaster preparedness plan (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials)


Organisation Governance and Policy

Succession planning for not-for-profits (Our Community)

Policy bank (Institute for Community Directors)

Building a better relationship with your local council (Municipal Association of Victoria)



Significance 2.0: a guide to assessing the significance of collections (Collections Australia Network)


Information technology and social media

Craige Proctor (Mortlake Historical Society)
Facebook: how to build your membership (mp3, 36 mins, 33 MB) (25/06/2016 at Nepean HS)

Asa Letourneau (PROV)
Are History Apps the Right Choice for You?  (pdf, 2.5 MB) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)


Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management Toolkit (Volunteering Victoria)

Victoria’s Volunteering Portal

Volunteering Australia https://www.volunteeringaustralia.org

Managing volunteers ; Planning, recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers ; Valuing our volunteers (Our Community)

Christine Worthington (Collections Manager & Volunteer Coordinator, Royal Historical Society of Victoria)
Volunteers ‘You can’t do it all yourself’ (mp3, 14 mins) (13/05/2017 at Kilmore HS)


HVSG Seminar Podcast Recordings

Lisa Fletcher (Infoxchange)
Go Digi  (mp3, 20 MB) (25/06/2016 at Nepean HS)

GLAM Innovation Study – September 2014 (pdf, 1.3 MB) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)

David Langdon (Richmond & Burnley Historical Society)
Trove (mp3, 28 min, 26 MB) (25/06/2016 at Nepean HS)

Robert Macklin (author of Australian history and biography)
Hamilton Hume, our greatest explorer (mp3, 20 mins, 18 MB) (13/05/2017 at Kilmore HS)

Dr Darren Peacock (National Trust of South Australia)
The End of History as We Know it? (pdf, 1.3 MB) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)

Liz Pidgeon (Yarra Plenty Regional Library)
Wikinorthia (pdf, 2.9 MB) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)

Fiona Poulton (Way Back When)
Our Digital Journey  (Prezi) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)

Felicity Watson (Senior Community Advocate, National Trust of Australia (Victoria))
Citizen Advocacy (mp3, 39 mins, 36 MB) (13/05/2017 at Kilmore HS)

Keith White (Lavender Hill Multimedia)
Visiting Arthur’s Seat (mp4) (19/03/2016 at RHSV)