The Royal Historical Society of Victoria organises and hosts exhibitions throughout the year which showcase some of the fascinating items in its collection. The Society also exhibits travelling exhibitions from other organisations. The Past Exhibitions page contains information about recent RHSV exhibitions.

‘Portraits of a Tea Cosy’
7 April – 14 May

All_Form_and_No_Function__That_Hat_Loani_Prior_074_Image_by_Mark_Crocker_1_jpg_2000x404_q85This exhibition is the culmination of a two year journey initiated by yarn artist Loani Prior, aka Queen of Tea Cosies, and, professional photographer Mark Crocker. The pair developed a rationale to use the tea cosy as a catalyst for dialogue on the joy of owning something handmade and family tradition. It was hoped that the project would reveal stories of family, tradition and the immeasurable consequence of making and passing on hand made object. The outcome far exceeded their expectations as it turned out that the humble tea cosy was a vessel that evoked nostalgic memories and deep familial love.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy is an exhibition that celebrates stories about the humble, but often quirky, tea cosy. Portraits of a Tea Cosy is an exhibition of photographs, audio stories and knitted objects d’art created and inspired during a series of story gatherings and workshops throughout regional Queensland. The exhibition explores stories of family and friendship in the unselfconscious joy of owning something quirky.

Inspired by the revival of the ‘handmade’ Portraits of a Tea Cosy brings together social history, craft, photography and sculpture using the humble tea cosy as a vessel to evoke nostalgic memories and deep familial love. The exhibition includes twenty new tea cosy sculptures together with forty unframed photographs.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy is organised by Warwick Art Gallery, toured by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland and supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments.