The Royal Historical Society of Victoria organises and hosts exhibitions throughout the year which showcase some of the fascinating items in its collection. The Society also exhibits travelling exhibitions from other organisations. The Past Exhibitions page contains information about recent RHSV exhibitions.

Face2Face: RHSV Collection into the 1940s – Now Open!

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Exhibition opens: 19 March (closing July)
Exhibition opening: 18 March 5 PM (followed by a talk by Richard Broome).

Face2Face concentrates on portraiture in its many forms as revealed in the RHSV’s collection.

‘Full length, knee length, side face, bust, studio, plain air, head and shoulders, “happy snap”; we have aimed to include all styles of presenting the human form – but all our subjects are clothed.

The RHSV has collected portraits since its foundation in 1909. The subjects of the earliest
accessions were clergymen, physicians, lawyers, merchants and industrialists. Since that time the extent and range of portraiture in the collection has broadened, indicative of a collection based on donations.

Five broad themes emerge : traditional ownership, power, social contribution, celebrity
and family life. Together these portraits provide glimpses of past life in Victoria over nearly
a hundred years.  Exhibitions give the RHSV a chance to show some of our special treasures to members and to the public.

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