Kastellorizian Association of Victoria

kastellorizian association of victoria 1928 1928 kazzie picnic.jpg
250 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
248-250 Dorcas Street South Melbourne Victoria 3205 AU
Contact Name
Florence Livery, KAV Archivist

The Kastellorizian Association of Victoria was originally established to help create a positive future for Kastellorizo recognising our proud heritage and giving something back to the island of our forbears.

Its aims are to promote, among Kastellorizians and their descendents in Victoria, the cultural heritage of Kastellorizo and its integration in to the multicultural society of the Australian Community.

This includes; the organisation of social functions to foster continued social interaction between families and friends of Kastellorizo, the promotion of cultural activities by organising lectures, exhibitions, recitals, musical evenings etc., tye promotion of academic and/or sporting excellence by awarding prizes and scholarships.

Image: 1928 Kazzie Picnic, a very symbolic event and tradition for the community, a yearly event, (from when the club was founded in 1925 and continues to this very day).

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