We have closed our doors to visitors however we are fully operational behind those closed doors and are answering research queries, selling books, accepting entries for the VCHA and Holsworth Trust grants, dealing with our Group Insurance Scheme, fighting heritage battles, publishing journals and newsletters and looking after our members.

Nearly all our planned events up to and including July have been cancelled or postponed. All ticket buyers will get a full refund when their event is cancelled. Some events will move to Zoom – the History Writing Group and the History Bookclub. Our AGM in May will also be a virtual meeting to which we will invite our members to attend through their computer.

We continue to work in the Drill Hall but have advised our volunteers to stay at home to minimise their exposure to public transport and crowds. If you have research queries, other enquiries or books you wish to buy, please do so through our website, by email or by telephone. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thankfully, in today’s age, we have many modes of communication open to us all.