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We cooperate with cognate organisations in response to heritage issues raised by affiliated historical societies.

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2018 Advocacy Statements

2017 Advocacy Statements

23 Oct 2017         RHSV submission to Heritage Victoria: Queen Victoria Market Development

23 Oct 2017 • Melbourne

RHSV Submission on Queen Victoria Market

This submission is in three parts: 1) Extent of the destruction of heritage proposed under the application; 2) Evaluating justifications of proposed destruction of material heritage; and 3) Risks to the market’s social heritage significance.

15 Sep 2017 • Brunswick

RHSV Submission on Sarah Sands Hotel, 29 Sydney Road, Brunswick

The RHSV Heritage Committee supports the Brunswick and Coburg Historical Societies in strongly opposing the proposed partial demolition of the existing Sarah Sands Hotel building; use of land for dwellings; construction of a 10-storey building above 3 storeys of car park; alterations of the existing licensed area associated with a tavern…

10 Aug 2017 • Southbank

RHSV submission re Robur Tea House, 28 Clarendon Street, Southbank

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria’s Heritage Committee strongly opposes the above application and endorses the submission of Melbourne Heritage Action, supported by the National Trust of Victoria. The RHSV urges the City of Melbourne and the Planning Minister to reject the application outright.

8 Feb 2017 • Point Nepean

RHSV Submission Point Nepean National Park Draft Master Plan

The RHSV commends the thoroughness and direction of the PNNP Draft Master Plan and in particular the emphasis on shared histories (pre-and post-European settlement), preservation of important heritage sites, and the careful consideration of ways of preserving and funding the ongoing maintenance of the highly significant Quarantine Station heritage precinct.

31 Jan 2017 • Melbourne

RHSV Response to proposed demolition of Great Western Hotel, King Street, Melbourne

The Society is deeply concerned at the threat to the Great Western Hotel (originally Star of the West Hotel). It is one of a diminishing band of nineteenth-century hotels in the City. With the loss of the Stork and Corkman Hotels, this would significantly affect Melbourne’s character.

31 Jan 2017 • Carlton

System Garden at the University of Melbourne

 The RHSV wishes to convey profound concern over the planned incursion into the University’s System Garden for extensions to the veterinary science building.

Nov 2016 • Victoria

Response to Heritage Bill 2016

We are pleased that the Minister has followed through on his commitment to review the act.

28 Oct 2016 • Carlton

Statement on the Demolition of the Corkman Hotel (former Carlton Inn)

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV), the peak body for 340 community history societies across Victoria, joins with the wide array of Victorians condemning the illegal demolition of the Corkman Irish Pub.

Oct 2015 • Victoria

Submission in response to the draft proposals paper, Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

The RHSV welcomes the VEAC investigation into historic places. We are especially glad that the committee has taken a broad view of historic matters and delighted that the report mentions the formation of the RHSV in 1909 as ‘an early indication of an emerging interest’ in heritage.

25 Aug 2015 • Victoria

Heritage Act Submission

The RHSV welcomes the government’s review of the Heritage Act. The RHSV accepts and supports the proposals presented in the Review Paper, with two exceptions…

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