Interim Protection Order for Victory House

September 2022

The RHSV joined the fight to prevent demolition of Victory House, Geelong Road, Canadian. This 1906 cottage was built by James Wong Chung, who named it after the winner of the 1902 Melbourne Cup, ’The Victory’. His family lived there until 2008 and during this time it had a central role for Ballarat’s Chinese Community. It is therefore an extremely important part of Ballarat’s heritage.

The Chung home, known as Victory House, in 1907–08, with Mabel Wong Chung and her siblings, Martin and Lillian.

We were thus saddened to learned that Ballarat Council had voted against its officers’ recommendation to prevent demolition and seek protection. Dr Anne Beggs-Sunter of Buninyong Historical Society was active in the fight and we submitted a strong letter, drafted by Committee member Peter HIscock, urging Council to reconsider the motion.

We received a letter from Ballarat Council informing us that Heritage Victoria has now included Victory House in the Victorian Heritage Inventory. We understand that Council will now support protection.

Click here to read submission to City of Ballarat councilors from Professor Charles Sowerwine, Chair of RHSV Heritage Committee

Click here to read response from Natalie Robertson, Director Development and Growth at the City of Ballarat to Professor Charles Sowerwine