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We cooperate with cognate organisations in response to heritage issues raised by affiliated historical societies.
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The following advocacy projects are regarding Heritage issues within the state of Victoria that the RHSV is providing a voice for. These notices may include support, objections, recommendations and general notices on heritage matters. The current advocacy list displays such statements and notices.

When an advocacy project closes or a statement is superseded it may be removed from this page. Once removed from this list, the advocacy projects are archived and may be viewed on the ‘Archived Advocacy Projects’ page.

12 Feb 2019 • Melbourne

Submission to Heritage Victoria: Federation Square and Apple Flagship Store

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria objects strenuously to the application to demolish the Yarra Building and replace it with an Apple Flagship Store. Federation Square has been the culmination of a 150-year dream for a civic space. The application is totally at odds with that dream. If a permit were granted for demolition of part of the Square and its replacement by an Apple Store, the Square would cease to be a civic space.

15 Dec 2018 • Melbourne

Submission to the Heritage Council: Federation Square

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria strongly supports the Executive Director’s recommendation for inclusion of Federation Square in the Victorian Heritage Register. Federation Square is of state-wide if not national architectural and cultural significance as a remarkably coherent ensemble of late 20th-Century civic architecture and on this basis alone merits registration as a whole, intact package.

5 Dec 2018 • Carlton

Corkman Hotel Developer/Demolishers Get their Way

The Corkman Hotel saga ends with a complete victory for the developers. But the seeds of that victory were in the contradiction between the heritage overlay that was supposed to protect it and the planning scheme which encouraged developers to put up a 40 metre tower on the site!

4 Dec 2018 • North Fitzroy, Victoria

Major Threat to Historic Shopping Strips

The RHSV has lodged an objection to a planning amendment which threatens the heritage fabric of the North Fitzroy Queens Parade shopping strip and risks being extended to other historic shopping strips.

1 Dec 2018 • Melbourne

Victory at the QVM People’s Panel: The Great Turnaround

The People’s Panel was, in the end, a great victory for those of us who support preservation and revitalization of the market on the basis of its heritage, but it’s not over yet.

1 Nov 2018 • Melbourne

Heritage Victoria Officer’s Report – Queen Victoria Market

The Friends of Queen Victoria Market have obtained release of this report, which the City of Melbourne had kept under wraps. It is the internal report which led to the decision to refuse a permit for the Doyle plan to dismantle the historic sheds, excavate three levels below them for parking and services, and rebuild the sheds with many new structures.
31 Oct 2018 • Melbourne

Update on Queen Victoria Market ‘People’s Panel’

In last week’s statement on the Queen Victoria Market ‘People’s Panel’, we noted that the first two sessions had, as a fellow participant remarked to me, ‘tried to railroad us’ into accepting the discredited Doyle plan for the market, the plan rejected by Heritage Victoria. We protested in letters to the organisers and then to the Lord Mayor. Others too had written to the Lord Mayor expressing concern.

The Friends of the Queen Victoria Market obtained the release of Heritage Victoria’s internal report on the Doyle plan, which is a searing indictment of the whole plan (it is also on our web site). And our statement was picked up by the Herald-Sun on Saturday (‘Historian slams market panel’, 27 October 2018, p. 16). All this may have contributed to a new attitude on the part of facilitators and City of Melbourne and QVM Pty Ltd staff when the third panel session opened on Saturday morning.

25 Oct 2018 • Melbourne

Statement on Queen Victoria Market ‘People’s Panel’

The RHSV has participated in good faith in the first two sessions of Melbourne City Council’s ‘People’s Panel’ regarding the development of the Queen Victoria Market. We were assured that ‘everything was on the table.’ But it has now become clear, as the panel’s web portal proclaims to participants, that our ‘remit’ is only to ‘help shape the delivery and location of trader and customer facilities at Queen Victoria Market’ and that the nature of these facilities is non-negotiable.
23 Oct 2018 • Melbourne

Three Vital Planning Scheme Amendments Approved

The protection of Guildford and Hardware Laneways and of eight individual buildings (C301) will protect a much-loved corner of the City. Implementing the findings of the Southbank and Fishermans Bend Heritage Review (C304) is most welcome in protecting what remains of the heritage there. And a point of especial satisfaction for us is your decision to implement the recommendations of the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review (C327).
21 Aug 2018 • Northcote

Statement of Grounds 340-342 High Street Northcote/VCAT Ref P1435/2018

Splendid 1888 Northcote bank chambers threatened with facadism.

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria is deeply concerned by this proposed development. We agree with and strongly support the thrust of the Recommendation in Delegates’ Report, City of Darebin (Application for Planning Permit D/186/2018, 340 & 342 High Street, Northcote 3070):

21 Aug 2018 • Melbourne

RHSV Supports Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendments C327 and C328–Hoddle Grid Heritage Review

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria strongly supports the work done by the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review. We commend the Melbourne City Council Urban Strategy section and Heritage Team for their excellent work.
8 Aug 2018 • Melbourne

Statement on Heritage Protection for Federation Square

Melbourne has long dreamt of a civic square that would be a public space at the heart of the city, offering a meeting place open to all. Federation Square has quickly established itself as the fulfilment of that dream.
19 Jun 2018 • Fitzroy North

RHSV Submission to Heritage Victoria on Porter Prefabricated Iron Store, Fitzroy North

We write to express our concerns regarding the proposal to dismantle, relocate and reassemble this building.

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