History Publication Award

Maldon. A New History 1853‒1928

Brian Rhule

Exploring History Australia, Bendigo, 2019


This new history of Maldon is a window into the minutiae of life in a gold-mining town and makes a valuable contribution to the ever-expanding body of work on the Victorian goldfields. The book covers a rich spectrum of material, shining a light on many elements of everyday life in this early mining town, covering the period from the gold rush of the 1850s up until 1928 — a period when the steam-powered quartz gold-mining industry dominated the local economy. 

Skilfully contextualised, this account covers the vicissitudes of mining and the local economy, while providing insight into the rich fabric of social life, the political sphere, and labour issues.  The township has proud traditions relating to its gold-mining past and classification by the National Trust in the 1960s as Australia’s ‘first notable town’. The author, a retired lawyer with a ‘passion for researching history’, reflects perceptively on this legacy when considering the future of heritage in Maldon.