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The Regional Network

The RHSV is at the centre of a network of regional historical societies. It is a major and continuing function of the Society, through the History Victoria Support Group, to assist the management of member societies by offering them a range of support services, such as advice on establishment, incorporation, insurance and collection management. Through the work of the regional associations, it encourages societies to share their expertise and cooperate with each other and the RHSV in joint activities.

Member Societies

More than 280 organisations with similar aims and interests are affiliated with the RHSV. The Societies Affiliated with the RHSV Database provides a list of societies by name and locality covered. Societies are welcome to join by using the Member Society Registration Form

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The RHSV is represented on a number of government bodies and statutory authorities including the History Council of Victoria, the City of Melbourne Heritage Advisory Committee, Heritage Victoria Collections Advisory Committee, the Public Records Advisory Council, the Regional and Specialist Museums Advisory Committee, and the State Library Development Committee. In addition, our President and other members who are notable historians, actively comment on heritage issues through the daily media and industry journals.

The Society also cooperates with Public Records Office Victoria in the Victorian Community and Local History Awards, by providing the judging panel. The Society’s library is the repository for all the submissions received for this award.

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