Our current lockdown which we hoped would just be a week or two now seems to be indefinite.

Meanwhile our work continues apace, if from our homes rather than the Drill Hall.

Our History Victoria bookshop continues to send out on-line book orders around the world – check out the bookshop here. Our phones are switched through to our Administrator, Rebecca Toohey, and she will pass messages on to other staff. Our post-box at 239 A’Beckett Street is sufficiently large to take parcels so deliveries can continue and other mail will not be affected. Our email addresses are:

Jillian Hiscock, Collections Manager                       collections@historyvictoria.org.au

Helen Stitt, Collections Officer, Images                   images@historyvictoria.org.au

Jess Scott, Marketing Officer                                     marketing@historyvictoria.org.au

Noha Ghobrial, bookkeeper                                       bookkeeper@historyvictoria.org.au

Rebecca Toohey, Administrator                                office@historyvictoria.org.au

Rosemary Cameron, Executive Officer                    executive.officer@historyvictoria.org.au

Bookshop                                                                       bookshop@historyvictoria.org.au

Site searches                                                                  sitesearch@historyvictoria.org.au

Emily Maiolo, VCHA Co-ordinator                          vcha@historyvictoria.org.au

(VCHA = Victorian Community History Awards)

All our events and meetings for the lockdown period will be via Zoom.

We send our warmest wishes to all our members and friends and hope that you avoid illness and that lockdown isn’t too disruptive. Our thoughts are with those who are ill and those whose businesses and plans are hugely disrupted by this lock-down. Let’s get those vaccination rates up so we can approach something close to normal again.