RHSV Protests Minister’s Short-Circuiting Heritage Listing of GMH Site

The iconic GMH site at Fishermans Bend, where Ben Chifley launched the first Holden, was on track to be listed on the Victorian Heritage Register until, in February, Planning Minister Richard Wynne called in the nomination. The Minister is short-circuiting the heritage and planning processes to facilitate a development that will destroy much of the historic fabric before the site is registered. We have written to the Minister to urge him to follow proper process.


1) The RHSV’s letter to the Hon. Richard Wynne, MP, Minister for Planning, 13 July 2020

2) The RHSV’s letter to Professor Duncan Maskell, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne, 13 July 2020

3) The RHSV’s submission to the Heritage Council supporting registration of the GMH site