The Royal Historical Society of Victoria acknowledges that today is Sorry Day. We need as a community to remember the pain and trauma experienced by Indigenous families across the nation caused by the removal of over ten per cent of children in many jurisdictions across Australia during the twentieth century. We need to also acknowledge that inappropriate removals of children from First Nations families and communities still occurs in some jurisdictions and urge that this matter be solved urgently.

Thursday 27 May is the beginning of Reconciliation Week. The RHSV is embarking on a review of its collection, processes, and activities to give full acknowledgment to Indigenous knowledges. The newly- installed members of Council are to undergo Cultural Competency training from this point onwards. History News out next week is to devoted to Indigenous issues, the June issue of The Victorian Historical Journal contains Indigenous material, and it is the intention of the RHSV to establish an Annual (as yet unnamed) Indigenous history lecture.

May we all remember that this country has two histories that must both be known, respected and told as a matter of truth.


Richard Broome AM FRHSV


26 May 2021