About this Project

About this Project

The Judge Willis Casebooks

The Judge Willis Case Books are held in the Manuscripts Collection of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV). The RHSV is an Incorporated body that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Victoria and the city of Melbourne. It is a membership organisation that is supported in its activity by volunteers from across the Victorian community. It maintains a significant research collection which is available to members and other researchers by appointment. The RHSV Collections webpage contains more information on the collection and its access.

The Judge Willis Case Books website

This website is a project commissioned by the Publications Committee of the RHSV, chaired by Emeritus Professor Richard Broome. The website builds upon and makes available online the long term work of numerous RHSV Librarians and volunteers working in the manuscripts collection organising, maintaining and transcribing documents.

His Honour Paul R. Mullaly QC has contributed much to this effort of transcription, as well as providing the expert commentary, the Glossary, the Biography of Judge Willis, the Case List and Name Index, a Bibliography (Word/.docx, 32 KB), and a list of cases not recorded in the case books in the document Civil Case Book 1 (Word/.doc, 282 KB).

Janine Rizzetti has provided many of the support articles which have explored and contextualised Judge Willis, early Colonial Melbourne and its legal system.

Richard Broome has overseen the project, created the Port Phillip Timeline and secured the support of our benefactors.

Jason Odering the former Librarian of the RHSV has developed this website design and content, in collaboration with the aformentioned project members.

In 2014, The Judge Willis Casebooks website was developed with support from the Wilson Trust & His Honour Paul R Mullaly QC.  The website was created by Jason Odering. In 2018, the RHSV website was rebuilt and the Judge Willis Casebooks have been reconstructed with respect to the original layout and design. Judge Willis Casebooks: Terms of Use