Between February and November, evening and lunchtime lectures are held at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. Speakers address a wide range of topics relating to the history of Victoria.

RHSV Lecture Podcasts

Tony Alpin – Robert Law: The Man, The Collection, The Exhibition (mp3, 5.6 MB, 32 mins) April 2010

Robyn Annear – On Bearbrass and writing history (mp3, 38 mins, 11.2 MB) August 2013

Weston Bate – How I Became a Local Historian (mp3, 7.5 MB, 43 mins) May 2010

Marilyn Bowler – ‘How lucky my generation was’: Teaching studentships in Victoria 1950–78 (mp3, 12.1 MB, 28 mins) PHA New Historians evening, July 2013

Margaret Bowman – The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Colonist: George Alexander Gilbert 1815–1877 (MP3, 15.3 MB, 36 mins) CJ La Trobe Society – AGL Shaw lecture, June 2013

Richard Broome – Aboriginal Activism and the Aborigines Advancement League (mp3, 80 mins, 27 MB) March 2014

Carmel Cedro – Sweet Inspiration: the history and evolution of the Dolly Varden cake (MP3, 9.5 MB, 22 mins) PHA New Historians evening, July 2013

Celebrating 50 years of local history in Victoria (2012 Conference)
Chair: Professor Richard Broome, Panel: Assoc. Prof Don Gibb, Dr. John Lack, Dr Charles Fahey, Susan Priestley – The Shock of the 1960′s:  The Influence of Professor Weston Bate on the writing of local history (mp3, 19.6 MB)
Chair: Dr Andrew Lemon, Panel: Rosalie Triolo, Carole Woods, Professor Janet McCalman Innovation and Interrogation – Local History in 2012 (mp3, 43 KB)
Keith White & Darren Peacock : ‘Postcards from the past – an audiovisual case study – the Burrels of Arthur’s Seat’ and ‘Possibilities for the future’
Innovation and Impact (mp3, 49 KB)

Maree Coote – The Art of Melbourne (mp3, 25.3 MB, 57 mins) February 2013

Jenny Davies – Beyond the Facade: Flinders Street More Than Just a Railway Station (mp3, 7.9 MB, 45 mins) April 2010

Annamaria Davine – Italians and Swiss: Italians on the Walhalla Goldfield (mp3, 6.8 MB, 39 mins) October 2010

Paul de Serville – Observations on the upper classes in Melbourne, 1924-74 (mp3, 72 mins, 32 MB) February 2014

Susanna De Vries – Melbourne Heroines of World War One (mp3 58:04 mins, 53.1 MB) March 2015

Barry Dickens – Barry and The Fairies of Miller Street (mp3,45 mins, 30 secs 18.3 MB) October 2013

Sue Ebury – The Many Lives of Kenneth Myer (mp3, 4.3 MB, 25 mins) September 2010

Robert Flippen – The Vagabond in Virginia (mp3, 22 MB, 25 mins) September 2016. See also lecture by Willa McDonald on this page.

Rod Giblett – Lost and Found – Wetlands of Melbourne (mp3,  38 MB, 42 mins) Melbourne Day lecture, August 2015

Emma Gleadhill –Travelling Trifles: The souvenirs of late eighteenth-century female British tourists (mp3, mins, 49 MB) Emerging Historians Evening, June 2016

Dr Madonna Grehan – The combined La Trobe Society – Royal Historical Society of Victoria Annual AGL Shaw Lecture (mp3, 54:17 mins, 49.6 MB) June 2015

David Harris – Imagined Natures, The Gippsland Lakes 1860s-1900: researching nineteenth century colonial relationships with the Gippsland Lakes (mp3, 25:33 mins, 23.3 MB) PHA Emerging Historians evening, July 2015

John Hirst – The Argus Indexing Project (mp3, 7.1 MB, 42 mins) Melbourne Day Lecture, August 2012

Hon. Dr David Kemp – Robert Menzies’ Liberalism (mp3, 42.20 mins, 42.4 MB) February 2016

John Lack with Margaret Atkins, Jacqui Donegan and David Thomson – An Evening with Macpherson Robertson (mp3, 1:18 mins, 71.6 MB) September 2015

Prof Marilyn Lake – ‘Simply because I was an 18 year old hero’ : the Victorian Land Settlement Scheme (mp3, 50.25 mins, 46.1 MB) introduced by Margie Anderson, May 2016

Andrew Lemon – Paying a Visit to Henry Gyles Turner (1831-1920) (mp3, 26.6 MB, 64 mins) July 2013

Iola Mathews – How to Write an Engaging Family History or Memoir (mp3 1:05 mins, 60.0 MB) (Presentation Notes) February 2015

Dr Willa McDonald – The Vagabond in New Caledonia (mp3, 22 MB, 25 mins) September 2016. See also lecture by Robert Flippen on this page.

Ken McInnes – Launch of the digitized Hume & Hovell sketch map (mp3, 42:38 mins, 39.0 MB) November 2015

Ross McMullin – Australia’s Gifted Lost Generation of World War I (mp3, 7.8 MB, 45 mins) November 2012

Minna Muhlen-Schulte – Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Struggle to come to terms with the past (mp3, 23:05 mins, 21.1 MB) PHA Emerging Historians evening, July 2015

Brenda Niall – Conversations with the Past (mp3, 6.7 MB, 38 mins) February 2011

Darren Peacock & David Lawry – The Avenues of Honour Research Project The Avenues of Honour Research Project (with questions)* (mp3, 25.6 MB, 1 hour, 4 mins) *Some questions may be hard to hear, April 2013

Bruce Pennay – Reading Block 19 Bonegilla (mp3, 6.8 MB, 39 mins) June 2010

Robert Perkins with Andrew Lemon – In Conversation with Robbie Perkins (mp3, 73:26 mins, 66 MB) (Presentation Notes) April 2015

Gary Presland – The natural history of early Melbourne (mp3, 57 mins, 52 MB)  Melbourne Day Lecture, introduced by Andrew Lemon, August 2016

Kate Prinsley – Churchill Fellowship Report (MP3, 9.1 MB, 53 mins) March 2011

Vicki Shuttleworth – Labassa – one historic property, 700 private lives (mp3, 50:19 mins, 46 MB) October 2015

Dr Marguerita Stephens – Assistant Protector William Thomas (mp3, 50.01 mins, 47.8 MB) C.J. La Trobe Society lecture, introduced by Dianne Reilly, June 2016

Paul Strangio – An Anti-Heroic Story: The History Of Political Labor In Victoria (mp3, 21 MB, 56 mins) * Please note: there are some minor audio glitches in the second half of the lecture, May 2013

Barry Sturman – Up in Smoke: The colourful history of the Phoenix Fireworks Company in Australia (mp3, 50.25 mins, 82 MB) Melbourne Rare Book Week Lecture), May 2016

Hon. Chief Justice Marilyn Warren – Judge Walpole Willis’ Port Phillip Casebooks web launch (mp3, 100 mins, 42 MB) September 2014

Volkhard Werner – Victoria’s German community and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71: unification twice over? (mp3, 23:05 mins, 70 MB) Emerging Historians Evening, June 2016

Clare Wright – The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka (mp3, 71 mins, 62.8 MB) November 2013