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Front Cover of 108th Annual Report 2017
President's Annual Report 2017
The RHSV had a generally productive year in 2017, continuing to develop satisfactorily in most respects, as detailed in this report. Unfortunately, however, our security of tenure in the Drill Hall remains unresolved. The state government generously provided funds to restore much of the exterior of the building, but RHSV Council decided that we have insufficient resources to undertake responsibility as a Committee of Management unless the interior is similarly renovated. Discussions with the government continue, and we maintain our aspiration to develop the Drill Hall into History House for Melbourne’s community history and heritage organisations.

Our office administrator, Gerardine Horgan, resigned in August, followed soon after by the Executive Officer, Kate Prinsley. Both had worked for the RHSV for more than a decade and had made significant contributions to the RHSV’s income and reach. Farzana Ahmed, who had been assisting the officer administrator, stepped into that position until the end of the year. Our new Executive Officer, Rosemary Cameron, was appointed in November and comes to the RHSV with great breadth of experience in arts administration. She immediately undertook a major reorganisation of our operating systems that will see the RHSV become much more efficient and effective. Throughout the year, Christine Worthington continued to operate with great expertise, efficiency and enthusiasm as our Collections Manager and Volunteer Co-ordinator.

We were all deeply saddened by the death late in the year of two of our great RHSV stalwarts, Weston Bate and Don Gibb. Both had served for long periods on Council. Weston was also President for a total of twelve years, and Don was the long-term Chair of the Publications Committee. A memorial event planned for February 2018 would include an announcement about the use of donations in their memory for permanent recognition.

These generous donations draw attention to how important bequests and monetary gifts have been for the RHSV. We are still benefiting from a generous memorial donation from the family of the late Barbara Nixon, our former honorary librarian and a Councillor. In his will, the late Doug Gunn left us his library and half the value of his house, and the latter is being used for a major overhaul of our management systems and operational software, together with a new website. A bequest from long-term Councillor, John Adams, will fund a prize recognising the best article published in the Victorian Historical Journal over a two-year period. We benefit from a steady flow of donations, but I pay particular tribute to Gordon Moffatt for his generosity to the RHSV Foundation over many years.

The generous donation of time by our numerous volunteers is also a major factor in the continuing development and achievements of the RHSV, and Christine Worthington has done a wonderful job of recruiting and organising people with requisite skills. The volunteers undertake a good deal of the day-to-day work in the society as Christine’s report lays out.

My work as President would be impossible without the magnificent contribution made by the members of Council. My deep appreciation is extended to: Elisabeth Jackson, Vice President, Council Minutes Secretary, Chair of the Collections Committee, and FAHS delegate; Carole Woods, Honorary Secretary, Chair of the Judges’ Panel of the Victorian Community History Awards and Chair of the Fellowship Committee; Robert Barnes, Treasurer; Richard Broome, Chair of the Publications Committee, co-editor (with Judith Smart) of the Victorian Historical Journal and editor of History News; Jim Dixon, Chair of the RHSV Foundation; Cheryl Griffin, Convenor until August of the History Victoria Support Group before ill health forced her resignation; Alleyne Hockley, Convenor of the History Victoria Support Group from September; Charles Sowerwine, Chair of the Heritage Committee; Rosalie Triolo, Chair of the Membership Development Committee; and Councillors George Fernando, Jane Carolan, Margaret Anderson (FAHS delegate), Judith Smart until May 2017, Daryl Hawkey and Noel Turner. While not a Councillor, Andrew Lemon continued as Chair of the Events and Outreach Committee and did excellent work organising and running the lecture program.

Volunteers who serve on RHSV Committees also make a significant contribution to our governance and operations, and the RHSV is indebted to them. My deep appreciation is extended to the many other contributors I have not named.

Associate Professor Don Garden OAM, FFAHS, FRHSV, President

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