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Front Cover of 108th Annual Report 2017
President's Annual Report 2018

The RHSV had a stable and progressive year in 2018, characterised by consolidation of its financial strength and an expanding number of activities and involvements. The reports that follow from the RHSV committees reveal the important work they have carried out, and I congratulate them on their accomplishments.

While the RHSV draws extensively on volunteers and members for its achievements, it is also fortunate in being able to employ a number of excellent staff. As Executive Officer, Rosemary Cameron has undertaken an immense amount of work to increase the output of the organisation, professionalise its financial reporting, reorganise the building and increase its usage and income, as well as taking steps to diversify the society’s activities. Amy Clay was employed throughout the year as Administration Officer, and we were sad to lose her when she took maternity leave at the end of the year. We also said goodbye to Christine Worthington, Collections Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, who moved with her family to Britain mid-year. However, we recruited an excellent replacement, Jillian Hiscock, who has very effectively continued the work undertaken by Christine. We also gained two part-time employees who made a significant contribution. Sophie Shilling worked in the collection, and also managed the Victorian Community History Awards under the leadership of RHSV Honorary Secretary and Chief Judge of the awards Carole Woods. Alan Hall, normally a volunteer in the images room, was employed to design and set up our very accessible new website.

Much of the activity of the RHSV is undertaken by our volunteers, who now number well over a hundred. These include the day volunteers, who contribute a great deal towards running the collection, mounting the exhibitions, assisting with the administration, undertaking site searches, moving furniture, and innumerable other activities. We are very grateful to them and to Christine Worthington and Jillian Hiscock, who have supported their work in multiple ways. Recognition of individual volunteers will be found in other reports.

Also among RHSV volunteers are the many people who belong to the various RHSV committees and provide valuable assistance and guidance. They are specifically recognised in the committee reports.

My work as President would be impossible without the invaluable contribution made by another group of volunteers, the members of RHSV Council. My deep appreciation to: Elisabeth Jackson, Vice President, Council Minutes Secretary and Chair of the Collections Committee; Carole Woods, Honorary Secretary, Chair of the Judges’ Panel of the Victorian Community History Awards and Chair of the Fellowship Committee; Robert Barnes and then Daniel Clements as Treasurer; Richard Broome, Chair of the Publications Committee, co-editor of the Victorian Historical Journal (with Judith Smart) and of History News (with Sharon Betridge); Jim Dixon, Chair of the RHSV Foundation; Alleyne Hockley, Convenor of the History Victoria Support Group; Charles Sowerwine, Chair of the Heritage Committee; Rosalie Triolo, Chair of the Membership Development Committee; and Councillors George Fernando, Jane Carolan (who retired at the 2018 AGM), Margaret Anderson and Daryl Hawkey, and also Noel Turner, who sadly passed away during the year. We welcomed the return to the Council of Lucy Bracey, who took up the second non-metropolitan co-opted position and also represents the Professional Historians Association. While not a Councillor, Andrew Lemon continued as Chair of the Events and Outreach Committee and did wonderful work organising and running the lecture program. We also welcomed back into the RHSV fold a former President, Professor Bill Russell, who became the RHSV Ambassador. His advice and guidance will be invaluable.

The only area in which the society failed to make progress was in its endeavours to achieve security of tenure in the Drill Hall. We waited throughout the year for another body to reach a decision about alternative administrative arrangements, but in the absence of any firm proposal we have been unable to move forward. Nevertheless the RHSV maintains its aspiration to develop the Drill Hall into History House for Melbourne’s community history and heritage organisations. To that end, late in 2018 a planning day and decisions by the RHSV Foundation and the Council determined on a fresh bout of activity to push the concept forward.

Donations and bequests to the RHSV and the Foundation remain fundamental to the future development and success of the organisation. Following decisions made at the planning day a new focus on these is expected to boost our fundraising effectiveness. Once more, I express our particular gratitude to Gordon Moffatt, our most generous benefactor.

I also wish to convey my deep appreciation to the many other contributors to the society whom I have not specifically named in this report.

Associate Professor Don Garden OAM, FFAHS, FRHSV, President

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