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Social Media Marketing

Resources for organisations for use in social media marketing:

Create a Facebook event – click here to view 

More resources to come!


The RHSV’s plan for coming out of lockdown #6 in late 2021 can be read here. We have altered our conditions of entry to the RHSV premises in line with government health directives.

Our COVID plan is available as a downloadable PDF or word document if you wish to adapt it for your society.

Holding events

Both the History Teachers Association of Victoria and the Federation of Australian Historical Societies has great information about working with schools

And a bit more here from History Teachers Association of Victoria

And History South Australia started a great brainstormed list of event ideas to which we’ve added

Don’t forget that the RHSV is happy, when possible, to use our Zoom subscription to host our member historical society’s Zoom events. Just email office@historyvictoria.org.au with the details.

Using the RHSV website

How to upload your history event to the RHSV website’s calendar and event listing

To create a member society profile on the RHSV website

Inter-institutional Loans

In November 2021 the RHSV held an important seminar on inter-institutional loans with speakers from the SLV, Heritage Victoria and the RHSV. The seminar was recorded and can be viewed here.

We have also created a suppliers list of specialist museum and library suppliers .

Funds are available in early 2022 for improving historical societies’ collection storage. Read more about the funds here.

Resources for societies

Information technology and historical societies

Zoom for beginners

A step by step guide for connecting through Zoom whether by computer or smart phone.

Information and Historical Societies Survey Report 2010
A survey report on how RHSV affiliated societies use information technology, particularly for collection management and communication.

2016 Digital Engagement Survey

GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections Toolkit (launched Feb 2017)
Practical information for societies about digitising collections.

Handling archival documents

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