Historical Societies Support Committee (HSSC)

The Historical Societies Support Committtee (HSSC) is a committee of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV). The HSSC aims to;

  • further the understanding of history, especially community history, across Victoria,
  • support and promote the role and activities of the RHSV affiliated societies, and
  • maintain strong contacts between local societies, RHSV and the wider community.

The HSSC (formerly the History Victoria Support Group HVSG) provides practical information to help members of historical societies manage and promote their collections and activities, and encourages active networking between members of historical societies throughout the state. The HSSC also provides advice on the establishment and running of historical societies, and issues such as incorporation, insurance, privacy and copyright.

The HSSC holds events throughout the year – both in Melbourne and across Victoria. Keep an eye on our What’s On page for details of the next event. A variety of workshops is also offered to our Affiliated Member Societies to host, including:

  • increasing membership of societies,
  • preparing grant applications,
  • publicising your society – newsletters, brochures, booklets, calendars,
  • collection management,
  • computer cataloguing,
  • indexing,
  • storage of collection materials,
  • display techniques,
  • copyright,
  • insurance and incorporation,
  • local history research on the Internet, and
  • website design and maintenance.

Resources and presentations from some past HSSC seminars
If you have any queries relating to the HSSC, please contact us.