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Queens Bridge over troubled water and the Red Cross to the rescue

Cheryl Griffin's latest article for CBD News gives the low-down on the Red Cross in the CBD during WWII and...
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New COVID rules for venues from 6pm, 26th March 2021

The RHSV has just received the email below from Andrew Abbot, Chief Executive of Creative Victoria, with updates to the...
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St Vincent Hospital’s new building threatens integrity of UNESCO World-Heritage listed Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building.

Charles Sowerwine, Chair of the RHSV Heritage Committee, has been busy over the holidays defending the integrity of the UNESCO...
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Some Christmas reading …

Some stories to tickle your fancy between visits to the family over Christmas Ashley Smith's latest article in Dockland News...
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RHSV & PROV announce that entry is open for the 2021 VCHA

Can we improve on the near-record number of entries in 2020? Did lock-down produce a slew of history projects? If you have a history project that will come to fruition between 1st of July 2020 and 30th of June 2021 you should enter in the 2021 VCHA. The awards cover not just publications, but exhibitions, podcasts, cataloguing or digitisation projects, journal articles, community diversity projects, oral history, theatre projects - any manner of production which celebrates and promotes the history of Victoria.

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Opens Thu 11 March 2021 - From 11 March to late September 2021

Curated by Noel Jackling, David Thompson and John McCulloch. To celebrate Victoria’s centenary in 1934, Macpherson Robertson sponsored a great air race from England to Melbourne. There were originally 20 entrants of which only 12 arrived in Melbourne. The British winning entrants took a whisker under 3 days, the last plane to arrive took some 4 months. This RHSV exhibition takes a close look at the entrants in the races (there were two races run concurrently – a speed race and a handicap race) including the Dutch entrant, the Uiver.

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Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 Pieces

Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 pieces Royal Historical Society of Victoria’s 1st jigsaw puzzle. Measuring – 715mm x 530 mm Made locally in Victoria, using one of the popular images from our collection....
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Vera Deakin and the Red Cross by Carole Woods

A beautiful hardcover book with a dust jacket and 66 images. Vera Deakin, daughter of Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, was motivated by imperial fervour during World War I to sidestep...
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The Ghosts Have Never Left – Victorian Gold Rush Towns and the Stories They Could Tell by John & Marie Watt

In words and images this book seeks to capture both the glory days and haunting reminders of 21 Victorian gold Rush towns, which today are either small, sleepy, or...
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