Lecture 1: Historians, Aboriginal Australia

In this first lecture, Professor Richard Broome (History, La Trobe University) introduces the notion of Aboriginal history and how it has changed.

Patrick White “Tree of Man” (1956) [0:38]
Also available on Trove

Sydney Parkinson Image  [5:40]
Parkinson’s image is the first image from direct observation.
It shows two Gweagal warriors challenging Cook’s landing at Botany Bay.
Plate XXVII. Two of the Natives of New Holland, Advancing to Combat.

[15:34] William Westgarth Australia Felix 1846 

[19:40] A short history of Australia by Ernest Scott  
Also available for viewing in RHSV library

[22:30] Sanitarium children’s abbreviated Australian encyclopedia 

[30:11]: Australia by R.M. Crawford 1952

[31:42] The story of Australia by A.G.L. Shaw
Can also be found on Trove

[31:58] Australia: a social and political history / edited by Gordon Greenwood.

[32:50] Australia: the quiet continent / by Douglas Pike Cambridge University Press, 1962

[33:02] A Short History of Australia By Manning Clark
Can also be found on Trove

[34:29] William Stanner “Great Australian Silence”
Can also be found on Trove
Further Reading
Also available for reading
Further reading

[35:04] The destruction of Aboriginal society / C.D. Rowley

[36:10] Aboriginal History Journal

[36:28] The other side of the frontier: Aboriginal resistance to the European invasion of Australia / Henry Reynolds
Can also be found on Trove

[36:50] Aboriginal Australians: a history since 1788. By Richard Broome
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[39:52] Born in the Cattle: Aborigines in cattle country / Ann McGrath.
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[40:39] Aboriginal Victorians by Richard Broome
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[40:50] Fighting hard: the Victorian Aborigines Advancement League / Richard Broome.
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[41:42] Women of the Sun

[41:51] First Australians

[43:15] History Wars
Further Reading
Further Reading

[43:48] Geoffry Blainey

[47:49] Keith Windschuttle – Quadrant Journal article

[48:45] Keith Windschuttle – The Fabrication of Aboriginal History
Further Reading
Further Reading

[49:57] Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History Edited by Robert Manne
Can also be found on Trove