Lecture 2: The Nature of the Frontier

What is ‘the frontier’ and does it mean? In this lecture, Richard looks into the meaning of the frontier in Australia and some of the notions behind it.




[00:13:56] Pioneer Register at RHSV 

[00:14:04] Frank Hudson Poem The Pioneers

[00:15:26] Carl Lumholtz

Among cannibals: an account of four years’ travels in Australia and of camp life with the aborigines of Queensland / by Carl Lumholtz.

[00:18:03] Rudyard Kipling Poem: We and They

[00:21:50] William Strutt “Cooey, A True Australian Story”
Also available here

[00:22:10] Remembering Babylon 1994 by David Malouf
Also available on Trove

[00:24:40] The Wild Man


[00:26:45] William Buckley

Further reading

[00:27:43] Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad