Lecture 4: Possessing Australia

In this podcast, Richard explores the history of colonial treaties and how America’s Independence impacted on the possession of Australia. How did Europeans ‘master’ the Australian landscape and what role did this English idea of land management play in claiming terra-nullius…? Lecture 4, “Possessing Australia”, unpacks all these ideas.

[00:01:15] David Day Conquest (2005)
Can also be found via Trove

[00:07:33] John Batman’s treaty
An artist’s impression of Batman’s treaty with Port Phillip, Australian Aboriginals in 1835 for the purchase of 600,000 acres of land.

[00:10:16] How the Indians Lost Their Land: Law and Power on the Frontier by Stuart Banner
Also available here

[00:16:50] William Dampier’s Account of Aboriginal Australians in 1690
Further Reading 

[00:23:02]   Bible imagery: The Bible and Agriculture: Esau and Jacob


[00:26:52] Cook original document ‘Botany bay’ naming the land just south of Sydney Stingray Bay crossed out

[00:29:11]  Map of Sydney Cove c. 1788

[00:29:50] The First Fleet: the real story / Alan Frost.

[00:32:22]  John Batman’s Indented Head dwelling


[00:32:39] Pencil sketch ‘A View of the Governor’s House at Rose Hill, in the township of Parramatta.’ 

[00:34:00] East view of Mr Wiseman’s villa c. 1835 

[00:34:43] Macarthur’s property Camden 


[00:35:16]  Elizabeth Heneretta Villa 4 miles down the habour from Sydney Cove, Seat of John Piper Esqr. Naval Officer etc. etc. of Port Jackson New South Wales, March 1820 / Drawn by R. Read, Jnr.

[00:36:10] the image showed before in previous lecture civilisation and enlightenment


[00:37:02] Portrait of Marquis de Condorcet, scientist and French Revolutionary, author of “Progress of the Human mind” (1795).






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[1:40:00] Source: Sanitarium Children’s Encyclopedia 


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