Curator’s Talk

Join us for a lunch-time curator talk and conversation with the team from Way Back When consulting historians and the MFB Director of Culture and Transformation, Dr Corinne Manning, about the making of this exhibition, Celebrating 35 Years of Operational Women in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Curator’s Talk, Wednesday 13 February at 12:30pm. RHSV Gallery Downstairs.


Exhibition: Standing in the Corner

In this exhibition curated by the Ephemera Society of Australia, private collectors unlocked their cabinets and cupboards to share extraordinary curios and treasures from their personal collections in an exhibition of Australiana. Featuring never before exhibited material, this fascinating exhibition offered an evocative and beautiful snapshot of history, design and culture from 1875 to the present day. More than 40 discrete displays contained collections of historic chocolate bars, dance cards, bubble gum tattoos, scrapbooks, badges, blotters, biscuit tins, menus and sport memorabilia

Exhibition: Standing in the Corner

Standing on the Corner illustrated how Melbourne’s corners have been used across 110 years. These are corners of Melbourne as they were – so many of them now lost to us. To provide context for the images, the exhibition included a variety of maps of Melbourne for the period 1850-1960.