Victorian Community History Awards 2015

VCHA 2015

VCHA 2015 Entry Form

The Victorian Community History Awards recognise excellence in historical method: the award categories acknowledge that history can be told in a variety of formats with the aim of reaching and enriching all Victorians. The Victorian Community History Awards have been held since 1999, and are organised by Royal Historical Society of Victoria in cooperation with the Public Record Office Victoria. To find out about previous winners of the VCHA visit the Past VCHA Winners page.

Awards were held 19 October 2015.

VCHA 2015 Winners Booklet (with all winners and commendations). (pdf 4.83 KB)

List Victorian Community History Awards Entries 2015. (pdf, 5.17 KB).

Categories for Victorian Community History Awards

Victorian Community History Award – $5000 Awarded to the most outstanding community history project submitted in any category.
Collaborative Community History Award – $2000 This award recognises the best community collaborative work which involves significant contribution from several individuals, groups or historical societies.
Local History Project Award – $2000 This award recognises activities that enhance access to records of significance to local communities. The project should increase access, awareness and participation in history on a local or community level including, but not limited to, digitising, indexing and/or cataloguing of resources and original research.
History Publication Award – $2000 A non-fiction publication or e-book on Victorian history. This could include a biography or a story of social, urban, institutional, regional or cultural history.
Local History – Small Publication Award – $1500 For the best small, limited run publication or e-book which which features Victorian local, cultural or social history.
Multimedia History Award – $1500 For the best presentation of history which uses non-print media and has a broad community reach. This project can include, but is not limited to, multimedia exhibitions, radio, mobile applications, website, digital video/podcasts or online applications.
Historical Interpretation Award – $1500 This award recognizes unique formats of historical representation. Applicants are encouraged to submit history related experiences told through physical exhibitions, artistic interpretation, history walks and tours.
Centenary of WW1 Award – $1500 This year the judges will award a special prize for the best work or project submitted in any category on the impact of World War One on Victoria or Victorians.
History Article (Peer Reviewed)- $500 This award recognises the best essay or article published in a recognised peer reviewed journal that illuminates the history of Victoria or Victorians. Articles must be written in a scholarly style using appropriate conventions of citation and evidence and be formally reviewed by referees with relevant expertise.

For further information contact the Royal Historical Society of Victoria