Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. The RHSV honours the contributions of women to Australian society and to our history. Women are extraordinary volunteers across all spheres and in particular within the community history movement. At the RHSV, women form a majority on our Council, committees and amongst the volunteers. All of our paid staff are also women. This is Women’s History Month and to celebrate that we have a distinguished lecture by Iola Mathews on Flos  Greig, Australian’s first woman lawyer. It is  on 21 March 5.30-7.00 at the Drill Hall https://www.historyvictoria.org.au/event/flos-greig-australias-first-woman-lawyer-with-iola-mathews/

You might also be interested in checking out our ongoing project which honours the women who have shaped the RHSV since its inception in 1909. This project is managed by volunteer and historian, Dr Cheryl Griffin: https://www.historyvictoria.org.au/search-collection/rhsv-womens-biographical-dictionary/

Richard Broome AM FRHSV

President, RHSV