Artist in residence: Alissa Duke

Through a donor we’ve been able to commission talented artist, Alissa Duke, to do a series of sketches of life at the RHSV. So, if you come in to the Drill Hall over the next few weeks you might see Alissa sketching corners of our library, our volunteers lunching together, books (of course!), suitcases, manuscripts etc  These sketches will appear in our 2023 Annual Report and I hope they’ll end up in the book shop as ‘merch’.

Alissa is a law librarian by day and a passionate artist when she isn’t at work. She holds fabulous weekend sketching classes for people who are travelling and who want souvenirs a bit more personal than cookie-cutter photos. If you attend Rare Book Week events you will have seen Alissa sketching audiences and speakers as a lovely record of each year’s program.

You can find Alissa’s work at:

Her website:
instagram: alissaduke1
Facebook: Alissa Duke Art