Calling Miss Phryne Fisher

Where was Miss Fisher when, “At 10.30pm on Wednesday, January 29, 1947, four gunshots echoed off the walls of the Flinders Street Extension”

“Two men, Yueng Shing, captain of the ship S.S. Fort Abitibi, and local taxi driver, Albert Sydney Pack, had been shot. Shing was hit by two bullets which pierced his lung and heart; these wounds would soon prove to be fatal. Pack was hit once, but luckily managed to recover in hospital.

Four hours prior to the event, Shing had been gambling at a Fan Tan parlour in Chinatown. His massive winnings of £400, the modern equivalent of $28,500, had attracted the ire of the seedy underbelly of 1940s Melbourne, and for two weeks the police and detectives attempted to track down the perpetrators.”

Read the rest of Luis Calleja’s Docklands true crime story in the latest Docklands News here.

And yes, before the many Miss Fisher fans contact us, I know that Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries were set in 1928 – I’m imagining that she might have come out of retirement to help the police solve the murder of Yueng Shing in 1947. Maybe after she returned from being a French resistance fighter in WWII?