Disquiet in Moreland

Our Vice-President, Elisabeth Jackson, was interviewed on 3AW this morning on the problematic issue of whether Moreland Council should change their name.  It  has been discovered that Moreland was the name of a Jamaican sugar plantation manned by slaves. Elisabeth was Mayor of the City of Brunswick in 1990-91 in the lead up to the merger of councils in 1994 when it became the new Moreland Council. Elisabeth is also President of the newly re-vitalised Brunswick Community History Group which is already making its mark as an active society (if you are interested in more info or joining Brunswick Community History Group contact them on bchg1983@gmail.com)

You can read more and listen to the interview on 3AW here https://www.3aw.com.au/former-brunswick-mayor-says-council-name-caused-considerable-disquiet-in-1994/