The famous Robur Tea House on Clarendon Street, Southbank faces another attempt to reduce its heritage value and architectural significance. A proposal has been submitted to redevelop the site, including the partial demolition of the Tea House and construction of office, retail and residential buildings, including a 25 story apartment and hotel complex.

The proposed Tea House Hotel will be more than 100 metres tall and will dwarf the six storey original building. There will be connections between the new buildings and every level of the Tea House, undermining the physical separation of the Tea House and  effectively relegating it to being a façade for retail spaces and food and drinks operations.

It is particularly disappointing to have to again fight for the preservation of this important building given that a similar proposal, including a 24 storey hotel, was rejected just four years ago. The Heritage Committee of the RHSV has lodged a strong objection with Heritage Victoria, urging it to preserve an important building and the street scape that it contributes so much to. Click here to find the RHSV submission.