Gateway to the Docks

Ashley Smith’s latest monthly story for Docklands News has been published. Based on photo of some impressive gates built in 1927 into Victoria Dock, Ashley’s story looks at the unpalatable truth behind the gates.

“For as long as there have been ports, wharves or docks, there have been opportunistic thieves who have taken advantage of unwatched cargo, and Melbourne was no exception. The Argus in 1918 (August 21) identified that stolen items ranged from beer, condensed milk, medicine, tin, meat and women’s wear. At Victoria Dock,
the Harbour Trust attempted to combat the problem by installing watchmen, and then replaced their own patrol team with a police patrol in 1913. However, with each passing year there was an increase in prosecutions and convictions, rising from 36 and 30 respectively in 1913, to 127 and 117 in 1920.”

To read the full story click here (and scroll down to P21):