The Royal Historical Society of Victoria acknowledges that Friday 26 May is National Sorry Day in recognition of the Stolen Generations in our history. We acknowledge the trauma experienced by Indigenous families across Australia, caused by the invidious policy in all jurisdictions for generations of removing Indigenous children from their families in the wrong and vain hope of separating them from their cultures. In some circumstances this continues making the need change and reconciliation even greater.

Reconciliation Week which begins on 26 May has as its theme for 2023: ‘Be a Voice for Generations’, which refers to the referendum to be held later this year. The RHSV has already stated its support for the recognition of First Peoples in the Constitution and has called for a respectful and evidence-based debated over the matter of a Voice to parliament that is to be put to a referendum.

Australia has two histories that must both be known, respected and told as a matter of truth.

Richard Broome AM FRHSV

President RHSV