We look forward to welcoming as many members as possible to the SGM and AGM. To register for the SGM or AGM or to record your apologies please click here.  You can use the same link to book for the Weston Bate Oration.

On Tuesday evening, 27th June 2023 at 5pm the RHSV will be holding a Special General Meeting followed by its 113th Annual General Meeting at 5:15pm.

At 6:30pm we will present the 2023 Weston Bate Oration to be delivered by Dr Bart Ziino.

  1. Special General Meeting

There are two items being presented at the Special General Meeting.

  • The first is some small amendments to our Constitution which are really house-keeping – fixing inconsistencies, typos etc
  • The second item is the tabling of substantial changes to our by-laws to bring them into line with the current structure of the RHSV. Of most interest to members will be By-Law 1 which documents increases to membership fees approved by Council. The RHSV hasn’t increased its fees in 5 years are we are very conscious of keeping them as low as possible – the increase merely reflects the CPI increase. We plan to implement these new fees on 1st of August 2023 and all members will have the opportunity to renew, whether for 1 year or 3 years, at the current fee until then.

The documentation for this SGM includes:

  1. Agenda (common to both SGM and AGM)
  2. Amendments to the Constitution and the rationale for all the changes
  3. The Constitution with amendments shown in red
  4. By-Law amendments
  5. Nomination of a proxy  (common to both SGM and AGM)


    2. Annual General Meeting

The AGM is business as usual and the documentation includes:

  1. Nomination of a proxy (common to both SGM and AGM)
  2. Nomination for election to Council
  3. Agenda (common to both SGM and AGM)
  4. Minutes of 2022 AGM (May)
  5. Minutes of reconvened 2022 AGM (December)
  6. Financial Reports for 2022


     3. Weston Bate Oration 2023

Dr Bart Ziino will deliver this oration and his title is Protected Industries, Protected Men: the dilemmas of wartime service 1939-46