Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Judge Willis Casebooks Website

This website contains material that has been scanned and transcribed from the collection of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. Additional content of this of this website, such as Commentaries, a Timeline and contextual essays are in Copyright to the attributed authors and Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

The material provided in this website is provided for research use only under “fair dealing”, such as for research or study purposes. Consistent with the Copyright Act 1968. All materials used must be attributed to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. Permission in writing from the Royal Historical Society of Victoria must be obtained before reproduction any of the material outside of the provision of Fair Dealing. Such an agreed use, may occur a cost, determined by the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

The Executive Officer Rosemary Cameron can emailed with enquiries about agreed use executive.officer@historyvictoria.org.au

Images Used on This Website

Various images used in this site by agreement with the Copyright owner or are in the public domain (and are free to use). All images are clearly attributed to their owners/collection custodians. The image used for the banner and on the main page belong to the State Library of Victoria’s collection.

In 2014, The Judge Willis Casebooks website was developed with support from the Wilson Trust & His Honour Paul R Mullaly QC.  The website was created by Jason Odering. In 2018, the RHSV website was rebuilt and the Judge Willis Casebooks have been reconstructed with respect to the original layout and design. Judge Willis Casebooks: Terms of Use