Transcripts of the Judge Willis Casebooks

Transcripts of the Judge Willis Casebooks

Throughout this site we have developed and published a range of support materials to assist researchers in their use of the transcripts that are drawn from the Judge Willis Case Books. There are transcripts of five case books concerning Victoria. Each transcript is available as web page – see the Judge Willis Collection Overview for details.

All transcripts contain a Case List (at the beginning) and a Commentary on each individual case. A Case List and a Name Index are provided as separate web pages to provide additional access for researchers across all five Casebooks.

Whilst each transcript contains helpful expert commentary, there is also support materials such as a Glossary to explain legal terms and specific/varied language usage, a contextual Timeline, and support materials that discuss and explain Colonial Melbourne and its early legal system.

Judge Willis Casebook Transcripts

Transcript for Judge Willis Casebooks are presented as a website on a Casebook level. Consult the Judge Willis Collection Overview for a full listing of Judge Willis materials. All five casebooks are available online subject to the Terms of use.

In 2014, The Judge Willis Casebooks website was developed with support from the Wilson Trust & His Honour Paul R Mullaly QC.  The website was created by Jason Odering. In 2018, the RHSV website was rebuilt and the Judge Willis Casebooks have been reconstructed with respect to the original layout and design. Judge Willis Casebooks: Terms of Use