Want to submit an entry in the VCHA? Here’s how:

Every year, we host the Victorian Community History Awards, a chance for local community history to shine! But, like any award process, there are lots of questions about how to submit your entry, what category does my piece fit into, and again, how do I actually submit my entry? So our VCHA project officer has set out to answer some of the most pressing FAQ’s she gets.

We hope these help, and if you have any other queries about your submission, feel free to email vcha@historyvictoria.org.au and Emily will help you on your award submitting way!


What are the awards for?
The Victorian Community History Awards recognize excellence and originality in historical storytelling in the format of non-fiction and creative non-fiction where history is primarily related to the State of Victoria or projects that encourage greater access to Victorian Collections The range of award categories reflects the variety of formats that can be used to demonstrate this.

How do I enter?
You can come into the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and pick up a physical entry form, or you can enter online on the RHSV website, following this link; https://www.historyvictoria.org.au/victorian-community-history-awards-2021/

When do entries close?
Entries close 5pm Wednesday 7 July 2021. Please note that late entries won’t be accepted.

How many copies of my publication do I need to submit?
Hardcopy book entries must include three copies of the finished publication. Non-print entries must also provide three copies, even if it is in the format of things like DVD or USB.

What happens to my books after they are submitted?
Once your books are received as part of your entry, they are passed onto the judging panel. After the judging period is over, the judges will often keep the books, or they will be absorbed into the RHSV collection. Please note that entries will not be returned.

How do I submit non-print entries?
If your entry can be accessed online, or through a digital link, simply supply that in your entry form. If your entry is in the form of digital images, documents, audio files etc, there is a place at the bottom of the digital entry form for you to attach them. In the case that the files are too large to attach, you can email them to vcha@historyvictoria.org.au.

How do I submit an exhibition or tour?
Judges won’t attend physical activities in person, so entries for exhibitions or tours should be accompanied by comprehensive supporting material such as programs, maps, photographs, text panels and promotional material.

Where do I send my entry to?
If your file is not digital it can be posted / delivered to the RHSV, History House, 239 A’Beckett St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

How many categories can I enter my work into?
One piece of work can be submitted into only one category.

Which category should I submit my work into?
Choose the category that you think describes the project best. Do not worry if you are still unsure, the judges will move entries to another category if they deem it more suitable.

Does my work need to be published?
Yes, entrants work must have been completed (ie published, exhibited or launched) between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021

What kind of digital/non-print entries are okay?
There are lots of different formats that digital entries can come in, including but not exclusive to websites, podcasts, apps, videos, blogs, and image portfolios.  As long as the entry falls within the competition guidelines almost any format is acceptable.

When will I find out if I am shortlisted?
Shortlisted applicants will find out approximately one month before the awards ceremony.

When is the awards ceremony?
The awards ceremony will be held in October 2021 coinciding with History Month.